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Select size- approx 18 oz or approx 22 oz

1 1/2" thick 

Indiviudally wrapped

Enjoyed best rare to medium.


100% Grass Fed Beef.

Born, raised and grazed in our patures in East Texas.

No hormones, grains or drugs ever in this meat.

Dry aged to perfection.

Frozen & vacuum sealed to preserve freshness

USDA/State Inspected

Ribeye, 1 1/2" thick

Out of Stock
  • Neighborhood pick up locations through Houston. Check our listings or text us to find drop dates.

    We also ship up to 40lbs of beef anywhere in Texas for $35.00 (minimum order of 15lbs of beef). Not a fan of paying for shipping? Share our site with a friend and have them order, too. Then we will deliver to your area free of charge (minimum order requirement).  

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