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Our Story

TX Farmhouse Beef begins with a healthy farm and ends with a mouth-watering bite.


We’ve created TX Farmhouse Beef as a way to share our five generations of farming heritage. Part time suburbanites our family of five has found continuous joy and energy in these beautiful open pastures to connect and find purpose to partner with nature. TX Farmhouse Beef was born after we fell in love with the piney woods, agriculture and even more so, with our udderly amazing East Texas cattle.


As producers for the market, we understand the journey of beef through the big commercial packers, and we finally said, “Stop!” And that’s how TX Farmhouse Beef became accessible life-changing beef direct from our family to yours.

Now, these lovelies are born, raised and grazed enjoying our clean green pastures until harvest. TX Farmhouse Beef truly puts the “live” in livestock. These cows make the best beef ever, because they have the best lives ever.

Pasture Life

Seen and Herd


We are passionate and committed to the progress of modern livestock and dedicated to improving the quality of our herd, one animal at a time. Our cattle do not receive any hormones, steroids or grain-fed diets to encourage weight gain.


Our cattle have been specifically chosen for their signature genetics and actually tie back to the first cattle brought to America. Yep, you can say these cows were meant to be the best beef you’ve ever had!


They are what they eat, and they eat all-natural and plentiful, as they roam and rest in pristine wide-open pastures. Only ingredients? Grass, love and sunshine.

Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds.

Proverbs 27:23


Wanna know more?

Why Grass-Fed Matters...


Yes, it’s better for you. But more importantly, it means that burger you’re about to devour is not only the healthiest, most flavorful meat ever, but it lived a much happier life than that meat from the chain grocery down the street (raised on a feedlot, by the way). Our lovelies have room to roam, and aren't pumped full of medication to fight problems from unsanitary living conditions. And if that still doesn’t matter to you? Grass-fed just tastes better.

What Does Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef Actually Mean?


100% grass-fed means the animal will be fed only grass for its entire life (with the exception of mother’s milk consumed before weaning). Grass feed is particularly important for cows, because their bodies don’t easily process grain, causing them to develop health problems that often require treatment with (often tons of) antibiotics. If beef has been labeled as grass-fed without either saying “100% grass fed” or “grass-fed and finished,” it’s possible that the meat has been grass-fed and grain finished. Red flag alert! This means that for the last months of the cow’s life, it’s fed grain for quick weight gain. Grass-finished beef takes longer but it's beef done right!

Why Choose TX Farmhouse Beef Over Your Local Grocery Store?


Our beef is literally a cut above the rest. We offer ethically and humanely raised meat. We treat our cows like living beings, instead of inventory. We raise them in an environment where their welfare is the highest priority. Studies show that meat from humanely raised animals have higher nutritional values. No medicating or sickness. And a happier, healthier animal means a happy, healthier you.


Farm to table beefKnow your farmer!

Think of us as your own personal farmer. There are so many benefits to purchasing our grass-fed and grass-finished beef – a healthy and more humane alternative to the grocery store. Greater concentration of omega-3 fatty acids as well as CLA (anti-cancer properties). In fact, Grass-fed beef has about 300-500% more CLA than a cow fed on half grains.

Buy local!

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