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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get free shipping?

We sometimes offer free shipping, so sign up for our email specials! Also, we offer free delivery areas with high volume orders.  We love to travel the roads of Texas!  So Austin, Houston and Dallas, we’ve got our sights on you for pick-up locations.  Let us hear from you if you want those updates!

Q: What kind of cattle make this beef?

Our animals are bred from Angus bulls (the dads) and F1 Braford cows (the moms).  These animals are superb quality from genetics down to lifestyle!

Q: How much beef is included in a half or whole beef?

Every animal is different but a half beef will provide approx. 250 lbs. of meat and​ a whole will provide approx. 500 lbs of meat.

Q: What if my beef is delivered unfrozen?

Our special packing process is excellent, and we ship through a top choice third party that specializes in perishable foods.  We keep our meat frozen and suggest you do as well, until you are no more than 7 days from cooking it to perfection.  We are confident it will be frozen upon delivery, but if not, just contact us ASAP!  

Q: What is your favorite cut of meat?

The Farmer's wife will take this one...

It’s all delish! However, the ground beef is my favorite for sentimental reasons.  You see ground beef is what inspired me to start TX Farmhouse Beef! It makes me proud and my heart beam to provide ground beef from healthy and humanely treated animals!

Q: Why do I have to reserve a whole or half of beef so far in advance?

This is certainly the most economical way to buy beef for our customers.  Our crop of animals each year will feed into our inventory program two years later.  Knowing how many whole beefs are reserved allows us to prepare those custom orders.  We will work with you to determine which cuts you want for your menu.

Q: Why are you out of stock?

Our animals deserve time to grow and become their best beef.  Many factors affect when they are “finished and ready.”  You can’t rush perfection, so the cows tell us.  

Certain cuts sell out fast.  They will be replenished when our next animal is harvested and you can be notified by selecting the notification option.  If only,

we could have an endless number of filets!

Q: How much room do I need in my freezer for a whole or half beef?

You’ll need pretty much a whole freezer for a whole beef.  I won’t get into the debate of chest or upright, but it needs to be at least 16 cu feet for the whole order.  A half beef will require at least a 8 cu feet freezer.  The rule of thumb is one cu foot per 35 lbs. of meat.  The shape of the cuts can vary, so round up or eat fast!

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